1.       Mr. & Mrs. Bukacek – Built in 1906. Work Performed: Built custom 2600 sq. foot addition. Floor plan included: Family Room, garage, bathroom, laundry, kitchen, butler’s pantry and full basement. Highlights: Antique fireplace mantle (customer purchase) oak trim base to match, casings, custom made to blend, banisters, flooring and crown moldings. Blended to match existing home, trey ceiling with custom crown molding and lighting. Maple and oak floors, new cabinetry in kitchen, granite countertops. Exterior: New energy saving windows and custom 3” cedar siding to match home’s original siding, blended to perfection. Installed new Marvin windows throughout existing home. Better Homes and Gardens quality project. Repeat Client.  2238 W. 110th St.

2.       Mr. & Mrs. Benson – Built in 1945. Work performed: Custom design and build addition to existing home. Highlights: Cedar lap siding, correct trim work, custom wood windows throughout home, new fascia, gutters, soffit, and roof. Complete maintenance free home.  10050 Seely

3.       Mr.  & Mrs. Hoey – Built in 1923. Work Performed: Design and remodel basement, bath and kitchen. Install new Marvin windows throughout home. Highlights: All custom work in design and remodeling project. Beautiful accents chosen by homeowner, complimenting project.  10040 Seeley

4.       Mr. & Mrs. Blas – Built 1910’s. Work Performed: Custom design and build front porch and garage walkway. Highlights:  Fluted columns, plywood arches, copper valleys, beaded ceilings and slate flooring. Design and build attached carport to garage, blending in same design as front porch. All custom trim created on site to accent the black slate flooring. Perfect blend., 2001 W 101st St.

5.       Mr.  & Mrs. Griswald – Built in 1950’s. Work Performed: Design and build, (our print) – Family room addition and kitchen remodeling. Highlights:  Custom brick fireplace, built in custom CD center, cathedral ceiling and fine oak trim. Kitchen included new cabinetry, countertops and maple wood flooring. Repeat client.  10710 Artesian.

6.       Mr. Leonard & Ms. Squyres – Built in 1920’s. Work Performed: Custom design and build from screen house to office, including exterior walls, new roof and create a historical blend. Pour basketball court with lighting. Interior: Bath with Jacuzzi, laundry area, electrical. Highlights: Custom work built into the home’s era, blending completely. Many miscellaneous projects. Repeat client. 9125 Damen.

7.       Mr. & Mrs. Zopp – Built in 1896. Work Performed: Exterior: Install Marvin windows and restore doors. Interior: Room by room renovations, including plasterwork and paint, electrical relocations. Highlights:  Kitchen cabinetry, maple flooring, re-plastering, custom hand made (on site) crown molding to match existing. Repair where acceptable. Custom shower added to existing bath with ceramic “shower pocket”, install slate floors. Many miscellaneous projects. Repeat client. 10965 Oakly.

8.       Mr.  & Mrs. Nine - Built in 1950’s. Work Performed: Family Room Home Addition approximately 12’ X 30’. Highlights: Custom oak entertainment center on one complete wall; designed and built. Including custom computer station, audio area and video section. Cherry wood cabinetry in kitchen, oak flooring with cherry wood inlay borders. All new custom oak trim, base casings and doors, on first floor. Glass block installation in home and garage for security, many miscellaneous projects. 9906 S. Oakley.

9.       Mr.  & Mrs. Quinn - Built in 1920. Work Performed: Design and renovate basement. Highlights: Design and install new family room, laundry area, and work room. All oak wood finished with custom entertainment center with cabinets and built in seated bench with operable lid. Support posts wrapped in wood and finished with “sea rope” effect, highly glossed. Better Homes and Garden quality project.




10.  Mrs. Evans – National Registered Historical Home – built 1906. Work Performed: Exact stucco renovation and roof repairs to exterior of home. Highlights: repair home for exterior stucco, fascia work, and roof due to leaks that had rotted eaves. Completely blended and Historical Registry intact, beautiful home completion.

11.  Mr. & Mrs. Carr – built in 1940’s. Work Performed: Raising and Renovation of exterior and interior of addition. New doors, siding and energy efficient windows. Highlights: Existing addition had sunk after years of settling. Raised addition and installed new footings/support system. Original interior knotty pine saved and reused as wainscoting. 9801 Leavitt.

12.  Ms. Younge – built in 1960’s. Work Performed: Termite damage restoration and preservation. Highlights: Raised and installed new support posts for deck and roof, approximately 15’ deep X 45’ long, two story. Wrapped in aluminum, and modified roof installed. Repeat customer, 10456 Longwood Dr.

13.  Mr.  & Mrs. Bukacek – Built in 1920’s. All day Montessori School. Work performed: Custom addition and 5000 sq. ft. torch down modified roof.  99 Longwood Dr.

14.  Mr.  & Mrs. Hopkins – Built in 1920’s.Work Performed: Second story addition and rear family room addition. Approximately 1600 Sq. Ft. including four bedroom and bath remodeled. Highlights: blended with the Dutch Tudor style with front porch on rear addition. Interior: Installed custom built in fireplace with surround. Kitchen upgraded and remodeled with modern conveniences. 10343 Campbell, West Beverly, IL.

15.  Mr. & Mrs. Rios – Built in 1950’s Work Performed: Second story addition approximately 1800 Sq. Ft. including related living. Highlights: Full second residence, including three bedrooms, bath and kitchen. Custom built in's with all Oak trim, custom stairs and fine trim. 9403 Parkside, Oaklawn, IL.

16.  Mr. & Mrs. Ropalowski – Built in the 1950’s Work Performed: Second story addition with wrap around porch in tourit. Full related living including 4 bedrooms, two bath and living room. Approximately 2200 Sq. Ft. Highlights: Custom fireplace and surround, kitchen with 16 X 24 out deck. 7258 W. 109th St., Worth, IL.